3 Great Tools for all Real Estate Industry Professionals

Tools Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Using Daily

Marketing online is difficult for anyone involved with the real estate industry. Whether you are an escrow officer, title officer, transaction coordinator, real estate agent, real estate broker, a home painter, trash-outs or demolition, mortgage lender, etc., it is no longer easy to get traction in the real estate industry. Learning how to improve your page rankings is one thing, but learning how to create content, syndicate the content and track that content are other issues that confront us in real estate. So, what tools do you use to create the content, track the content and what portals do you use to syndicate the content? Over the next few weeks we want to share with you some of the tools we use and that we recommend. So, be sure to check back often for updates or you can visit our site for more info. V:1

First, video screen capturing software: There are many options online. There are some paid services and some that are free. Jing is a free tool, created by TechSmith. You can easily find it online by Googling it. Jing allows you to make a screen recording of your desktop. Basically, you have a video camera to capture your every move on the screen. Jing is really easy to use, but Jing has limits. The disadvantage is that the free version only allows you to save a total of 5 minutes. Thus, for short presentations or short tutorials to send to associates or subcontractors it works really well. Once you’ve created an account Jing will host your videos and allows you to download content with a URL that is specific to your account. If you want to save more than 5 minutes, then you must upgrade to Jing Pro. When I first started creating content online and attempting to market my brand online I used the free version. But in trying to cover all the information I wanted to cover in a five minute video it became very difficult. I was constantly rushing to complete my message in less than five minutes and I became annoyed. You can, however, upgrade to Jing Pro and it will allow you to record more data. The last time I checked was $ 15 per year. Not a bad choice if you want to create video screen. Another nice feature is that if you have a YouTube channel, it will sync and transfer to your YT channel. But, keep in mind, YouTube will only allow you up to 15 minutes in length for uploads.

2. Camtasia is another good screen capturing software: TechSmith makes Camtasia as well. Brilliant tool, but requires a little more than technical know-how to navigate. Many features of the same features of Jing and I use Camtasia almost every day. If I have to create a video tutorial or if you give a task my virtual assistant (VA), this is by far the best choice.

Third, Bitly: The days of wondering if someone has clicked on your links are over. Bitly is a URL Shortener. There are many shorteners out there so shop around and find one you like. You only need to create an account, log in, enter the URL to that gives you a code shortened. You can then customize the shortened link so that it will be a bit more memorable for you and your viewers. Most people do not realize the benefits of URL shortening. In real estate, we want to follow our efforts. With bitly you can do just that. One really needs to track and follow their data if you really want to know if your efforts are producing the desired results.

Soon we will share more tools the real estate industry can use. What tools are you using?

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