Building Your Own Web site To Make Extra Income

It’s rather easy to build a website these days. Actually anybody can do it with a little help. It does not take knowing any special code or any additional software for your computer either.

What you’ve got to help are site building software like WordPress or website building systems like Site Build It that will steer you each step of the way on the way to build a web website business. More about that later .

What people don't understand is that you can make money with these internet businesses. Here’s the way that you turn those websites into profitable machines.


Google makes it’s money selling advertising. You can partner with Google by putting their ads on your website. When a person clicks on those advertisements you get paid a little amount… Usually a few cents. This is named Adsense.

How it functions is you get some code from Google that you put adverts on your internet site. They'll then instantly put advertisements that have relevancy to the content of your site into those locations on your internet site. This is called “contextual advertising” because the advertisements will be within the context of the info on your site. Very cool eh.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote other people's products on your website. When anyone clicks on your adverts and eventually buys the product, the merchant will pay you a commission. This is a win-win concept because you don't have to stock any products or deal with any purchasers and the merchant doesn’t have to pay you unless the click turns into a customer. You become their internet sales force that works on 100% commission.

Sell Your Own Products

Naturally it's often possible to sell your own products as well. These can be products that you create yourself or that may be drop-shipped from a 3rd party company. You should buy products at wholesale and then sell them at retail very like what any brick-and-mortar store does. Naturally this requires inventory and shipping and that suggests rather more work on your part.

Something less complicated is to create electronic info products like electronic books that can be sold online and never need shipping or any type of “fullfillment” on your part. The consumer simply downloads the product without any intervention by you.

This Sounds Too Easy?

Naturally this all sounds too fantastic to be right. The reality is nothing occurs till somebody comes to your website. So you want to learn how to drive traffic to your internet site. This needs learning SEO and other strategies for getting folk to visit to your website.

This is where those site-building systems come in.

For a once a month charge these systems will give you all the tools and training you need to learn what's required to build one of these online money-machines.

The one I've using for over five years is Site Build It.

So What is Site Build It?

It's a complete step by step system for a way to pick lucrative niches, build a website and then promote that internet site on search sites and other online locations. There is a lot to web promoting so these systems are extremely helpful for finding out what it takes and keeping abreast of the constantly changing online world.

Nevertheless it is doable. I'm making a good income from my over twenty online web sites. And if you have the endurance, perseverance, and patience to learn what it takes… And then really do it, you can too.

Rick Hart is a web marketeer who teaches how to make some money on the internet. He has over twenty internet sites of his own and on his Site Build It Advisor web site he coaches the best way to use that system. If you're wondering ‘what is Site Build It? ‘ that is the place to go.

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