Finding the Right Printer

Finding the Right Printer

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When you need large volumes of brochure or catalogs to be printed, it is perhaps a good idea to let the professional handle the job for you.

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To produce thousands of copies of a fifteen page brochure at a rate of one page per minute with men working 24 hours a day would perhaps take over a week. But to produce the same quantity of brochures using your desktop printer would take over a decade! Clearly, desktop printing is not really an option in terms of cost, quality and speed. Hence, when you need large volumes of brochure or catalogs to be printed, it is perhaps a good idea to let the professional handle the job for you. There are, however, several things you need to consider in choosing the commercial printer for your particular print job.

Perhaps one of the things you need to consider is the kind of printing process used by the printer. Do they use offset printing or maybe digital technology? Is letterpress and screen printing also available? After you have decided on which printing process to use, you now have to determine which printer has the right equipment. Find out the number of colors they can handle, how long they can do the print job and what other equipment and services do they offer. Also, find out what kind of print job each printer specializes and what types of binding and folding equipments they use.

But aside from determining which kind of printing method and printing equipment is appropriate for you, it is also essential to know what kind of workers will work with the print job. Understand that although the printing company has the right equipment and printing technique it does not mean that the equipments and facilities will make great print jobs. Look for samples of work of these printers and focus more on their printing technique not merely on their design process. Also, look for clean colors, smooth text and focused images and graphics.

It is also a good idea to visit the printer to get a good feel of who you will be working with. And when you meet them face to face, ask them what you want to know about their service. You can ask questions such as how many presses they have and what are the capabilities of each; how long they have been in the business; what software they accepts and what kind of payment they receive. You can also ask their previous customers for feedbacks to know if they are able to meet their customer’s printing needs. It is essential to know this information ahead of time so you would not regret your choice later on. When you are able to find the right commercial printer, they will be able to make your printing job look great.

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