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Lately I have been active speaking while in front of teams of business owners just like you. Even though subject areas varied from email marketing to social networking, the one thing which stood out for me was the number of business owners who have trouble with communicating value for prospects and customers in order to develop and keep trust.

Without moving someone through Know, Like and Trust, you can never get them to take a chance to Try and eventually Buy from you. Trusting your company is the key to making a long-term customer relationship where you have an advocate which will contentedly refers and routinely buys. It starts with the customer understanding the value is in your service.

Interacting value is mostly about clearly representing your difference. And then that difference would need to connect how your business can meet a need for somebody who knows, likes and has faith in you. Here i will discuss three keys to get you started:

1. Inform Your Customers

When you educate customers about how to get more out of a service or product, you’re elevating the volume of value they’re getting for their money. If I tell you to use social media within your internet marketing strategy and then coach you on the basics of Twitter, I’ve given you a jump start to taking action. The options are limitless if you feel of the different ways that you can educate your customers to assist them receive the full benefit of your product or service. You can hold a short webinar, prepare a simple guide or hold an in-person workshop to show your customers the way to take full advantage of their investment in your service or product. Demonstrate to them new techniques for getting more value from what you do and they will look at you as a resource not only a vendor.

2. Create a Community Make use of social media to construct a community around your brand instead of broadcasting your offers. Nobody wants to be sold to and particularly on social media. They want to learn more about the way you fit into their world. What problem can you solve? What value can you offer? The information you can offer your online community helps establish you as an expert. Making a community also gives you a place to concentrate and keep in contact with what your customers need and want. Think about the possibilities for dealing with potential customer services issues in real time or having new features crowd sourced through the conversation around your business.

3. Go the Extra Degree

People love the tiniest points and the extra degree. Your method, your employees uniforms and also the method that you respond to the phone can help develop trust. By paying attention to what your customer needs, you will be making them the focus of a unique personalized experience that they’ll mention to friends, family and colleagues. A lot of these delighted customers will gladly purchase from you again as you cared about giving them the most value while solving a problem.

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