What Exactly is Needed for A Killer Viral Campaign?

Viral marketing has been around for a long time now, and with the advent of the social web, it’s become even more widespread. You can make the best attempt to design a viral marketing campaign, and people do that with varying degrees of success. It does help to have as much knowledge as you can about the elements of viral marketing.

Viral marketing is all about being different; you can never make a campaign go viral if you’re doing something that someone has already done. Also remember that it is a lot more than just being unique and not seen before, it has to captivate people for some reason. Once you can produce any kind of extreme reaction from people, then that is when you could have something good on your hands. Also, make sure you’re focused on being different right from the start of your campaign, rather than infusing a ‘change’ after you’re done with creating it. As far as targeting a particular market, most if not all viral events are just broad-based and appeal to people in general.

If you are serious about your business, then of course you will do all you can to offer the most outstanding value possible. Also, it cannot be any old value because a lot of it has been spread around the net in the form of free content – you have to do more. We always believe that the person who is willing to do more, work harder and offer more will go farther in business. Regardless of what you need to do, whatever it is just execute it if it will improve your business. Be sure you roll out some kind of marketing test just to see what the waters are like. Always track everything you do with your campaigns because that is the only thing that will give you any intelligent feedback about your efforts. There is wisdom and value to getting things together and and doing a minor launch that really is just a test of the entire campaign.

Let’s look at the dramatic events on the net that exist everywhere and people love. You can expand the idea of being dramatic in any direction, and use to generate the exposure you want. It is so easy to find videos that have been viewed ten million times and only because of the dramatic content. You will find that most things that go viral are videos, and that is why we usually refer to them in a viral context. In terms of value, a viral event really does not offer any value other than the emotional experience.

Remember that it is much easier to have smaller successes with viral marketing, and even those may be bigger than regular campaigns.

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