Wheelchair Battery Concerns

Wheelchair Battery Concerns

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When choosing the right battery for your chair you have to look at the manner you will use your chair.

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Wheelchairs also use batteries and the battery that you will use will differ according to your needs. When choosing the right battery for your chair you have to look at the manner you will use your chair. If you often go for long rides then you should choose a long lasting battery. Using the wrong battery can leave you stranded especially if the battery is unable to provide the power needed to steer rugged terrains.

But aside from considering how you use your chair, you have to likewise consider the cost, maintenance need, and safety and transportation ability. Because of the immense weight and volume of batteries designers have to seriously consider them in manufacturing a power wheelchair. But a carefully and effectively produced battery can last longer, take up less space and weigh less. Consequently, this will create a more reliable wheelchair that has increased power and lower maintenance need.

Additionally, when buying a powered wheelchair you also have to consider whether the battery is sold with the chair or if they are sold separately. This way you can budget your money accordingly. But using car batteries to keep costs low is not a good idea. Car batteries are used as starter batteries. They give off large amount for energy for a short period so their full capacity is never fully discharged. Additionally, if car batteries are upturned they may leak acid. Hence, it is not advisable to use them in your chair. So your chair battery must be a special type deep-cycle. This way the battery can be fully discharged without damage to the battery.

When charging the battery, make sure that they are not left attached to the charger for more than twenty-four hours. If a wheelchair battery is overcharged it can permanently damage the battery. There are basically two types of wheelchair battery charger, manual and automatic. Manual charger needs constant supervision. If left unsupervised it can cause damage to the battery. Automatic charger, on the other hand, automatically monitors the charge. It will automatically shut off when a full charged is reached. And when charging a battery always check that the battery is charging. Keep in mind that the plug is in a lot of stain, so make sure that the cord and the plug are in good condition.

The life of a wheelchair battery depends on how roughly they are used. So when you notice that the wheelchair is getting weak at the end of your trips then its time to get a new one.

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