White Space in Your Design

White Space in Your Design

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White space is a term used to denote open space between designs. Having white spaces is like creating a site that is neat to look at with lots of room or space.

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White can be a soothing and relaxing color to see. For some people white is simply a refreshing color while for others it is a dull, common color. If you have been in the web business for quite a while you would often hear the word white space. What does this term mean? Simply put, white space is a term used to denote open space between designs. It is like creating a site that is neat to look at with lots of room or space. Most graphic designers often opt for having white space in their design because having a simply uncluttered site makes visitors and net surfers feel comfortable.

You have probably seen in the television people asking for help to renovate their house because they feel that it is too untidy and unpleasant to live with. Perhaps they want to change their furniture, change their wall paint or move a few things to make everything in order. After living years in complete mess and untidy house and after hearing thousands of comments from friends and relatives about their uninhabitable house they finally want to have a house that is neat, clean and simple for a change. After the renovation and remodeling you finally came home and were surprised with your new house. Isn’t it a great feeling to come in a house that is tidy and roomy? Doesn’t it make you feel you want to stay for a long time there?

Well, this is also what people who visit your site will feel when they see that your space is comfortable to read and visit. They will be encouraged to stay for a while and read through the whole site. It is, thus, important to provide enough spaces between visuals and text in your page as it can help guide your reader’s eye from one point to another. Oftentimes, designers tend to overlook these white spaces in their clamor to create an attractive and stylish design. Nonetheless, white spaces must never be taken for granted. Designers have to keep in mind that if they want the design to be appealing they must also be easy on the eyes. Remember that if there is not enough white space in the page, texts can be unreadable, images can be blurred and there would be no balance in the elements on the page.

So make your web site as user friendly as much as it can be. Consider white space as more than a plain background. Think of it as an important part of the design. You will find it more appealing and comfortable to look at your site, thus, allowing you to effectively deliver your message to the readers and site visitors.

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