Why Aren t You Using Freebies to Get More Customers

Why Aren’t You Using Freebies to Get More Customers?

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Would you like customers to say positve things about your
business to others?
This articles reveals one way to retain and grow your
customer base.

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Don’t you just love a freebie? I know I do.

I’ve been in two situations recently as a customer, when I received an unexpected freebie. After ordering my usual bagel and coffee at the Bagel Bar,
the girl behind counter offered me a free bottle of mineral water. I was about to ask for a glass of water anyway, so this came as a welcome surprise.

A few days later found me buying a steak at the meat counter in my local supermarket. I was having a chat with the guy behind the counter about the fact that there didn’t seem to be too much meat for so much money.

He obviously took pity on my miserable face when he said – “Tell you what sir, why don’t you have this other steak for the same price” and he slapped another one on top!

So what’s the customer service lesson here? The lesson is that most customers, love a freebie and if they receive one from a supplier it builds a positive

As customers, we’re more likely to return and do business with people who give us freebies and we’re more likely to tell other people about our positive experience.

I once read a story article about a restaurant owner who would occasionally give people a free meal. When a group of diners or a family asked for the bill he would spontaneously announce that on this occasion they were his guests and they didn’t have to pay for their meal.

Can you imagine how these people felt – what they said to friends and work colleagues the next day? That free meal probably cost the restaurant owner a lot less that advertising in the local newspaper and it also brought in a lot more new customers.

The Law of Reciprocity states that – “If you give someone something or do something for them – they will want to repay you – to give you something.”

Why don’t you think of some little unexpected freebie you can offer your customers that’ll encourage them to return and also tell others about their positive experience. And while we’re at it – why not try the same thing with
members of your staff. Even your personal relationships – a small unexpected gift or an act of kindness can do wonders for any relationship.

Believe me, once you start to do this, you’ll have many more satisfied customers, happy staff and appreciative friends.

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