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Robert P. Williams
is the owner and founder of
San Diego SEO Marketing Solutions.

At 19, Robert joined the United States Air Force to begin a career in Medical Imaging Technology. He received both his training and his degree through a mutual arrangement with MidWestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas.

After completing his military service, Robert was accepted into a fellowship program at University California Los Angeles where he received his advanced certification.Shortly thereafter, Robert accepted a position with the Government of Saudi Arabia where he began his interest in all things internet.

It wasn’t until after he was accepted for a position in the United Arab Emirates, three years later, that his efforts began to bear fruit.

In 1990, he partnered with now retired Canadian Search Engine Pioneer James Colbert to form one of the very first pay per click search engines which they sold shortly thereafter. In 1991, the following year, they formed, an SEO company focused exclusively on getting top Search Engine Rankings for their clients. Returning to Native San Diego, Robert felt compelled to start his own full service Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Company specifically for the local business owner.

He has meticulously assembled a team of elite search engine progressives and has aligned himself with thought leaders in the industry. He offers intuitive search marketing solutions to local business owners worldwide with every intention of producing profit bearing results for his clients.

His company’s proprietary Domination SEO is in a league all of its own. He feels it is a waste of client resources to approach search technology just like every other company out there.

Robert knows just how competitive the search market can be and the value of Google love in cold hard cash. He’s committed to his client’s success and won’t follow a factory-like approach as most search companies do..

Being a boutique Search Marketing provider, Robert accepts only a handful of clients. It’s not unusual to hear him re-iterate the phrase “ If you ain’t in it to win it…” fully expecting the listener to know what he’s talking about.

Robert’s recently published book “5 Essential Do or Die Techniques Every Local Business Should Be Doing To Safeguard Their Reputation Online.” is available at

Robert welcomes you to his Facebook Page, and he looks forward to meeting you.