Anchor Texts: Importance To SEO

Anchor links can be a critical part of any SEO campaign if done right. The golden rule is to stay creative, and keyword-friendly. When your anchor links flaunt these two attributes, you can expect improved page rankings for your website. Instead of utilising the boring click here or read here for more info button, try opting for interesting, out of the box techniques to appeal to your site visitor’s interest. Replace the old click me guide with fresh ideas and invite the reader by using statements such as Useful Tips On How To Lose Weight For Ladies or Effective Guidelines For Gardening, while anchoring the link on the appropriate keywords. Interestingly, anchor links allow Googlebots to index your site and follow your text links on a holistic fashion, and therefore increase your chances of obtaining better ranking position for certain keywords using the anchor text.

Today, search engines are vying for maturation as heightened metrics for ranking determination continue to motivate optimisers to go beyond the confines of optimisation. What does this mean for you? Well, every element of your site should be laudable enough. This means that if you go for anchor links, make certain that link relevancy is given significance as this metric determines the quality of anchor text and the content of the resource page.

Utilise Anchor Links On Your Blog

Although you age your blog’s domain, or pack your blog with essential post but if you are not executing SEO for your blog, then there is a diminished chance you’ll have a good PageRank. Besides, Apart from writing keyword-friendly metadata, putting interesting anchor links on the blog article helps in various ways.

Also, when you are participating in link exchange, besides offering your direct URL, you can offer the anchor link on your blog to birth more locations in the Web for your keyword-based links.

Remember To Ingeniously Utilise Anchor Links On Your Bio

If you are carrying out marketing for content or articles, it is imperative to place the anchor links on your author biography or reference box. This is an additional way Googlebot can to get your links. Do bear in mind, though, to write in a formal, scholarly tone instead a hardsell elevator pitch. In this manner, your content becomes a resource, not a press release. As it is with the blog post, articles for marketing are of little to no use if you do not place the appropriate keyword-focused anchor links on the bio.

Enhancing Your Website? Maintain The Anchor Links

In case you are modifying copy on your site, always bear in mind to maintain the anchor texts and not ignoring these. Always remember that Google has crawled these links and associated these keywords with your website. Inability to carry over your anchor texts to your new site, is like discarding precious resources into the trash bin. Do not ever think about leaving these anchor links and anchor texts to waste. It would take time to integrate these links again, as Google would take time to index your new website again.

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