Bad SEO Companies: How To Avoid These Unreliable Workers

It’s not unusual to hear stories about well-known brands and corporate giants getting penalised by Google. The likes of JC Penney, a popular retailing store in the US, was plagued this horrific incident when Google slapped it with a 90 day penalty because of suspicious paid links. This event not only put the brand under tremendous scrutiny, it also ushered in substantial revenue losses for the company.

The ferocious desire of most online companies, both large and small, to covet the desired spot at the top of Google can bring several points of concerns. Today, when the majority is set to go an extra mile, and eventually cross the line just to obtain a first page result, the tendency to go for just any SEO provider is becoming a trend. The perils of entrusting your online promotion efforts to anybody are plenty. As the Web is a breeding area of scammers and spammers, you should be more wary of the SEO packages that you accept.

The mistake of choosing an incompetent provider can backfire. What do you lose? Almost everything. You don’t just lose your site rankings and money, you also lose your identity!

In this instance, the clich prevention is better than cure is applicable. When looking for a service provider, take your time. Delineate your desired results and goals and evaluate if your contender has the competencies to deliver all these to you.

To make things easier for you, here are two lines that immediately tell you that an SEO firm is not to be trusted.

They have a secret relationship with Google. This is completely false. They think they have a relationship with Google but the truth is, they don’t. Google doesn’t rely on payments and connections to consciously shape their organic ranking results.

They know secret schemes that work fast. Anything that holds the word secret and fast should make you more probing. Just so you know, all tactics have been openly shared by Google with the SEO population, and therefore there’s no reason for any method to be considered a secret.

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