Black Hat SEO Strategies You Ought To Know

Search engine optimisation is an art of precision. All result-oriented SEO campaigns are fundamentally congruent and interrelated to be part of a business marketing equation that effectively works.

Interestingly, web pages that seem to be ranking successfully own the crucial elements: meaningful content, indexable pages, search engine-friendly page architecture and powerful web design.

But is there also a method to detect the features of notorious web sites of any online business? Of course there is! In fact, Google has successfully specified every single technique that can put your website in grave danger.

Meet, greet and defeat these black hat SEO strategies that can give your site a Google penalty:

Refrain from stuffing your pages with keywords and key phrases. The act of keyword dilution can be a major turnoff, particularly for your visitors. Keyword density is a myth, and is no way related to the determination of your rankings. The idea of impressing crawlers with exaggerated keyword usage is a thing of the past. Just so you know, crawlers are are smart and can pay close attention to your abusive keyword usage.

Unnatural link acquisition is more serious than you think it is. Manipulating your link acquisition operations through paid links and reciprocal links is detrimental to your website, mainly because search engine algorithms today are designed to detect anything that smells fishy. Once you are caught, expect a penalisation that’s painful for you to realise.

Stop hiding your content. If you’re showing content to spiders but are consciously hiding it from your users, you are already breaking Google’s webmaster guidelines. This tactic called cloaking is unfortunately a favorite trick among those who are fanatics of black hat SEO.

Duplicate content should be avoided. Whatever you do, don’t go for anything copied. Increase the value of your web site by offering well-written, well-research content to your readers.

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