Can SEO Ever Be Bad

Are you tempted to use shortcuts when it comes to SEO? Are all of the new methods that promise quick and easy search engine rankings making you think that all the hard work formerly associated with getting good rankings have gone out the window and are now obsolete? Is there really any bad SEO methods and what’s the difference anyhow? What matters is getting those high rankings and making the money that can be had by getting good rankings for profitable keywords.

Even thought it might be mighty tempting to try some of the new methods that are being introduced every year or every month, it seems, there is no substitute for solid SEO practices. What might get you quick results today might actually come back to bite you tomorrow. What will you do when a method that was working great two months ago become saturated or falls out of favor? While some methods might stick, it’s old school SEO methods that should be your bread and butter when it comes to websites that you care about or your client’s websites. It might be hard work but sticking to the rules when it’s important is the only way to go.

There really is no reward in any aspect of life without hard work. This can also be said about search engine optimization. Getting quality backlinks from websites that hold authority in your niche while providing quality content for readers isn’t easy. Hour upon hour of thinking, learning and writing articles that are then submitted to other websites in the hope of gaining a few high PR backlinks can get tiresome and frustrating. In the end though, all that hard work will pay off and you will be able to reap the fruits of your labor. In time, all of that hard work will result in high search engine rankings thanks to the quality backlinks. These backlins are worth hundreds if not thousands of times more than low PR backlinks that anyone can get that might actually be gone tomorrow after a big change in the rules from search engines like we have seen in recent times. Ask me how I know!

These days we have seen manual website reviews that have taken sites that were ranking supremely well and thrust them into the part of the rankings that are almost equal to deindexing. Shady SEO practices rarely last long and they can often hurt a website that was formerly ranking very well, if you’re not careful. Sure, that new piece of SEO software that guarantees you easy rankings might get you there in a couple of days but what’s the sense in that if the site is gone just as quickly? Often, when a site is gone, it’s gone for good.

There really is no substitute for good SEO practices and hard work. For those of you that aren’t afraid of hard work this is good news. Even if there is a big algorithm change and you find that your site suddenly slips in the rankings, solid SEO and a good backlinking strategy that is based upon providing good content to internet readers can actually save you when others are hanging their heads wondering what to do. More than once I’ve seen one of my sites dance or slip during an algorithm change only to come back stronger than ever. Also, thanks to providing good content to article directories and authority blogs, my traffic usually stayed about the same because my article actually wound up ranking well in the place of my sites.

When it’s all said and done, it’s good quality content on your website in conjunction with solid backlinks that lead to success when it comes to search engine optimization. There really is no shortcut. It’s going to require some hard work and it might take several months before you start to see the kind of visitors to your website that you want but in the end it is worth it. Methods and new tools may come and go but there is no shortcut to good search engine rankings other than solid SEO practices.

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