Does Google’s New Privacy Policy Impede On SEO

Google released its new privacy policy on March 1. There are a lot of things described in the new privacy policy but in simple terms, Google has been gathering information and keeping a record search behaviour of its searchers so that they know very well what searches it would give its users best.

To demonstrate the use of data collection, when utilising Gmail, you’ll notice that if recently you’ve sent several emails to lawyers, then the sponsored links showing on the right hand side of the Gmail will display law-related services or links.

Is There An Affect To SEO Of The New Privacy Policy?

The quick answer to the question is, none. If anything, the privacy policy reaffirms Google as being a search engine, even though lately it has launched its own edition of a social network, Google Search Plus Your World via Google+. Google will always focus on search, also it uses information which users give it or which it gets from users in order to improve search.

The slight correlation between the privacy policy and SEO could be because Google will give its searchers a unique experience in the search based on what information it has collected from the user. For instance, if you’re using Google Docs and would like to send the document via Gmail, Google can showcase the e-mail addresses of the Gmail contacts whom it supposes the document will be sent to.

Is There A Way To Stop Google From Accessing Your Information?

Yes there is. You can switch off search history so none of the activities can be traced. The result of this is that it will disallow Google to provide you with related searches which it thinks, according to history, shall be most useful to you.

To cite an case, Search Plus Your World provides you with personal searches instead of the public search results. By being signed in on your Google+ account, your search query will return results of individuals within your Google+ circle who have talked about or shared comments or posted photos about your enquiry.

Whatever it can be, Google is going to be search focused and therefore SEO will always have a relationship with Google, particularly SEO techniques that align with Google search principles.

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