Estate Agents and the Important of Online Marketing

A basic company website with a company logo, a general industry overview and direct contact information used to be all an estate agent needed to get a flood of traffic from search engines. With fierce competition online today, the game has changed. Online marketing encompasses a whole new set of tactics that are required if top search engine rankings are to be had.

Since estate agents spend much of their time on marketing, it’s important for a majority of those efforts to be spent online. With fierce competition around every corner, business owners must deliver eye-catching, unique and informative content in order to stay in the running and continue to grow their businesses.

There is no magic to the process of online marketing. Since the playing field is still level, both small and large businesses, and even new websites can see rapid and positive results. When implemented correctly, tried and true SEO and Internet marketing tactics will undoubtedly reach a targeted audience.

In this area of online marketing, the playing field is currently fairly level. If basic marketing and SEO tactics are followed successfully, smaller firms have an equal chance at reaching a targeted audience. Search engines are increasingly geared for quality, so a well-done website with relevant and updated content will shine, even above firms with deep pockets and long-standing success.

Location has always been an important factor in gaining business in the estate agent industry. Search engine algorithms are now finally beginning to implement location-based search functionality. This makes it even easier to reach local customers who are searching for an agent they can trust and rely on.

Part of the algorithm search engines use to determine position has always involved the number of inbound links a particular website has. Websites that have been online for years will ultimately have more links from other, non-related sites. This is a major factor, and new site owners must put together a long-term strategy for gaining as many links as possible. Start by asking friends and colleagues to link to your site. You may also manually submit your links to related web directories and smaller search engines. Ultimately, however, a new site owner will have to focus on alternatives to reach a larger audience more quickly. This is where the creation of dynamic content comes in.

Since search engines rely on updated content, estate agents may believe that ever-changing property listings and updates will be sufficient. This is not the case. Search engines rely on quality, and while property listings are important, they aren’t necessarily informative to a large audience. Interesting tidbits of knowledge can boost rankings quickly, leading to an increase in website traffic.

Articles should be written and posted. Titles like ’5 Little-Known Tips for Saving Money on a Mortgage’ or ‘How to Choose the Best Home For Your Family’ can grab the attention of readers in the market for a new home. This type of content can quickly become viral, reaching a target-audience and significantly boosting search engine rankings. Providing quality content regularly is the best way to rapidly generate a following of potential customers and clients.

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