Google Releases Panda 2

Google Search lead man Amit Singhal in one meeting said that Google makes up to 500 algorithm changes in a year. This is not unexpected knowing that Google wants the best search experience for its users. Just lately, Google released 40 alterations to the search experience. Most of these changes focused on improving the user interface. For instance, soon there will be bigger images for the thumbnails, localized prediction for hot searches, amongst others. As far as the search rankings in Google is concerned, the recent modifications included an update to the Google Algorithm, Panda.

What Website Owners Should Know About Google Panda

Many site owners are warily watching the consequence to ranking of the new Panda update. According to Google, the new update will make the Panda system more exact and more sensitive to recent changes on the web.

The main word to note is recent. When it was launched last year, Google Panda saw lots of websites which did not produce fresh content fall down the rankings. It is worthy of note that Google named the algorithm Panda because fundamentally, pandas eat new bamboo. Google gives favour to web sites with brand new and updated content that is why websites relying on article farm sites which may offer free articles but which are not timely, interesting or trending suffered a drop in ranking when the Panda kicked in.

Sites Aligned With What Google Wants Survive Algorithm Updates

The secret to being buddies with Google is essentially being able to offer what Google wants, and that is content.

What does a appropriate content look like before Google’s eyes? One resource to use is Google Trends, which presents data on searches and subjects which are hot over the web given a specific time period. Bear in mind, sites that give high quality content that are appropriate and timely will receive Google’s vote as being the authority site.

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