High-end SEO copywriting versus hack copywriting

Behind every good advertisement is some form of written word, and the people who write the type of content that is used for advertisements and marketing are specialists in one thing: copywriting. It is the bread and butter of the copywriting industry, and without these high-end specialists providing their expertise in marketing as we know it would not exist.

But in the modern era there is more than just the written word at stake when it comes to advertising and marketing campaigns. Any Internet-based business has to have a good search engine optimization plan in place, otherwise known as an SEO campaign. And while SEO writing as a general rule can be performed by any generic writer, SEO copywriting is a very specific type of copywriting that requires a special type of writer.

SEO copywriting combines the basics of search engine optimization with the unique skills of a copywriting professional, combining the typical incite-to-buy writing style of the advertising vein with the type of keyword-laden content that is required to rank a website in Google and climb the pages with specific anchor text and keywords.

While any writer from Indonesia or the Philippines or any country around the world can perform basic, generalized SEO since it’s just a matter of combining keywords with basic English, SEO copywriting is a little different, at least beyond the basic sense of the written word. Rather than just basic English, it is high-end language, utilizing prose and vocabulary that goes above and beyond what most foreign-language writers will understand.

Something to keep in mind if you are planning or hiring a SEO copywriting specialist is that keyword research is also vital to coming up with a valid strategy for writing your content. And if you have not provided this keyword research for your SEO specialist they are going to charge you for their time, which is why the professional SEO copywriting services cost over $100 an hour because you are not simply paying a copywriter for this time in regards to writing words.

Everyone gets what they pay for when it comes to services rendered, and if you want to work with someone who only charges 10 or $15 per hour for their copywriting services, you can guarantee you will see poor results. Quality doesn’t come cheap, and while professionals will cost you over $100 an hour, you can guarantee the results will be worth the time and money.

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