How To Make A Better Website That’s Not Worthy Of Penalty

Every now and then, murmurs and groans are heard all over the Web. This particularly timid community on the Web suddenly turns into an arena of opinions when Google releases a a new bunch of updates. This proved to be true when Google introduced the Penguin update on April 24, much to the surprise or horror of the online community.

So what’s the talk about? It is clearly about the perceived biased of Google. Many entrepreneurs are lashing out the Silicon Valley monolith for two reasons: one, Google continues to issue or roll out updates without sufficient update. Two, its Penguin update significantly hurt the performance of some good web sites while other bad websites are still out there, roaming freely without getting penalised.

Does Google deserve to be taunted and ridiculed? Apparently not. After all, the issue here isn’t about Google or its inadequate warning. The issue here is your website, and its unlikely fall due to Penguin. Why did the update influence your rankings if your website is a wholly white hat SEO advocate? Clearly, you must lay a higher standard for your platform after the Penguin update.

What should you do to recover your rankings and get to the top? You need to work on your campaign. Determine the flaws of your plan. Scrutinise the minute details of your strategies. Have you immersed in black hat SEO before? You’ll have to admit that dealing with black hat isn’t the best way to go up.

Ask an SEO and web development company Singapore, and surely, they’ll tell you that having a website that is devoid of quality and value is easily taken off search results pages. If you want results for your business advertising through SEO then make sure you have a content-driven SEO campaign in full blast.

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