How To Make User-Friendly Websites

Entrepreneurs who wish to enter the competitive world of online business are usually the recipient of one typical advice: get a website so you can flourish your sales.

For online first timers, this may come across as easy. The biggest shock probably comes two months or three months after their website launch, when they start seeing that the results are miserable, fiscal losses are noticeable and worse, no revenues are coming in!

Might there be an explanation for this? Of course there is. And the website is one of the reasons for the failure. Probably due to all the rush, excitement and thrill, majority of online entrepreneurs and marketers forget the basic rule of online marketing: create a website that sells! Without this appeal to sell, your website is no good.

Before you create a website, evaluate the needs of your visitors. Upon delineating their wants, you can build a platform that is anchored on these specified consumer requirements. Always make sure you prioritise benefits, not features. After all, the purpose of your website is to draw customer enthusiasm and answer this question: what’s in it for me?

Use appropriate images. If you can spare your site from all these stockpile photos, better. If not, then select clear, compelling photos that showcase meanings on the dot. Studies show that visuals can influence human emotional states. Sometimes, these emotional drives can work for you so plan how you want to strike these emotional strings in a subtle fashion.

Don’t give your customers plenty of choices. This marketing scheme leads to choice paralysis, a trend that takes place when your customers begin to feel paralysed mainly because they can’t settle for a specific product or service offer.

Keep navigational structures simple. Your customers do not have the time to search for information so you must make the aspect of web development as user-friendly as possible. Keep things easy for them to navigate, and let them know the next step.

If you want a good site design that promotes your business with a bang, collaborate with a web design company in Singapore. A design can help you come up with a marvelous website design.

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