How To Stay On The First Page Of Google

Search the world wide web on how to get to the first page of Google and you will note as numerous dizzying search results for SEO. What works and what doesn’t? What method is consistent?

Surely there are many methods to carry out SEO if the only objective is to get to the frontpage of Google and that’s it. But long-term and steady SEO requires more than that.

There is something to challenge on this statement. Google, in particular, only allows white label SEO which is the natural method to get high on the rankings. The natural way is for web sites to receive inbound links, which are crucial to ranking, without having to buy these inbound links. The natural way is to know what Google is, and to give Google what it desires for its visitors. And Google visitors only desire one thing – information.

With the addition of Google+ account, Google now ranks private and appropriate information besides top quality content. To make your site appealing to Google, you should do both onsite and offsite optimisation in a way that aligns with all the Google principles.

1. Onsite optimisation. There are so many things to mend on your website to make it easily recognisable to Google. Correcting html titles and re-writing urls from codes into keyword searchable content is one. Inserting robots.txt file that permits Google bot to crawl the site is another. Making sure that site content is ample and keyword rich is yet one more.

It can be best to place keyword rich meta description and meta titles. Once the website is prepared, place analytics at the footer of the website – so it then goes to all of the pages of the website where the footer ideally uniformly exists – so that when traffic arrives, you as the site owner have clear measurement of this traffic.

2. Offsite optimization. After onsite optimization, you are now able to perform an offsite optimization campaign. This is like satisfying Google first, and afterwards, getting on the world wide web and becoming famed in the midst of other websites. The way to do offsite optimization is by creating educational articles which Google and the other sites will give you recognition for in the form of backlinks.

3. Google+ Account. It could be beneficial to become active in the Google+ circle because Google also returns the private search results via Google+. Certainly, this certainly not affects SEO. Google remains to be about search.

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