Is Google Panda 3.3 Eradicating SEO?

As an outcome of Google Panda 3.3, millions of web sites which previously enjoyed Page 1 ranking have at present evaporated and are nowhere to be present in the search results. This poses a valid inquiry for business owners: is search engine optimisation still dependable among business services being offered to bolster internet marketing?

Google Panda 3.3 is the newest algorithm launched by Google. With it, Google investigated for unnatural link building strategies including obtaining poor quality links from networked blogs as well as other low quality sources for SEO articles.

Website owners should not feel disheartened about the truth that Google is always changing its algorithm. Google’s job is to keep the worldwide web clean from any clutter. This can be a tough job to undertake taking into consideration that there are enormous number of websites out there. Previously, Google only penalised web sites that participated in link buying in an effort to control PageRank. Now, Google got smarter and visited links which come from low quality content.

With this continuous chase for Google’s latest standards, business owners might feel like investing on search engine marketing by way of website creation as well as optimization is risky and volatile. Is it smart to stop internet marketing investments?

The quick answer is no. The web remains to be a significant playing field in particular for start-ups and SMEs that have conservative cash flow and nonetheless a great product offering.

The only way to win over Google is to abide by its rules, notwithstanding the many times these rules have changed and will continue to vary. Furthermore, creating and distributing quality content will always be in line with that Google wants.

How then must companies align with Google? It starts from the very instant when they are just conceptualising their web sites. Business and website owners should bear in mind that Google wants high quality, relevant content for its site visitors. In web design, having zero content and 100% images on the home page is just not a good way of providing Google a visibility of the site. Putting flash elements which Google seriously is not able to index is also not a good way to let Google recognize what the site is about.

Tolerating that Google will constantly raise the bar for quality in web sites and content shared in the web by these web sites will help alleviate the website owners anxiety over creating and optimising web sites. After all, there is nothing mistaken about striving for excellence and being the top website among your competitors, both in Google’s eyes and in your would-be customers’ eyes.

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