Keywords and S.E.O: The right way to success

S.E.O strategy became one of the strongest tools that a digital selling consultant has. In a changing digital world, to know, read, and improve SEO techniques let you develop a complete technique for reaching for your customers the best SERP positions.

The key point is: What will they need? Often we know the answer to this trouble: what do they desire? But the best for the customer is, infrequently, what they really need.

Keywords, the big fight

Are these sentences the right ones? The common answer's no.

Let’s see for examples about this case:

- Keywords have little volume in search

- The ones with low value for the internet site

- Keywords have too many rivals with too much strength

- Keywords are no related to the content, so it’s very difficult to get good results

Reasons for needing rare keywords

The majority of times it's a “honor” question. They're not looking for success in marketing or digital promoting but for a factor for telling their mates or clients they are the best at a concrete area.

If somebody suffers this sort of customer, best at all is to know what do they really desire. It's not the same to get to the best SERPs for having a bit Return of Investment that to work for reaching renowned keywords.

If we are in this situation it’s convenient to speak to the visitor and tell him obviously that objectives are not the same and mabe he will have to choose: ROI or prestige.

Keywords and long tails

There is another typology of client: those ones that want to be at the top and no matters where or what keyword.

This fact could even being interesting in a long term, but most of times it will provide no traffic for desired keywords. At that main point, it could be interesting to plan this fact as a step to better keywords and a long tail technique.

Abel Pardo is the author of “Posicionamiento en buscadores” and Professor of Marketing at the Universidad de Leon

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