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Make you’re Search Stop Here

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Once the sites key words have been finalized it is now time to start using them to optimize the site. The first and most obvious place to start using them is the Meta Tags of the site. There are three Meta Tags that SEO can start to use them with Header, Description, and Keywords.

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SEO Delhi the Meta description text is used to display a short description of the web page which is listed in the search result by search engines. The Meta description text should be attractive and meaningful so that it could be give exact information about site services. It is very important from key words inclusion angle as well for the search engine to index it first and perform a key word matching with it. Also bear in mind that this text is displayed along with the site title in the SERPs. Hence it is the first introduction that visitors will read about you. In SEO Delhi with out Meta key words Tag e-fuzion Tag can get top ranking as Meta keywords Tag is less important, as far as search engines now as it has been flagrantly spammed. SEO Delhi Company (e-fuzion) contains Meta Tag key words and key phrases separated by coma are that users may search. Keyword must not be repeated in the Meta keywords Tag more than three times and one must not repeat any key word one after the other. Keywords should be listed in order of importance. Size preferences for Meta key word Tags are not same for all search engines.

SEO Delhi Company (e-fuzion) discusses it by taking suitable examples, MSN, will accept a Meta keyword Tag up to different characters long, while hotbot indicates small number of characters. However, some top-ranking pages of Hotbot’s in various categories used Meta key word Tags which much larger than 75 characters. So SEO Delhi Company (e-fuzion) using large numbers characters which can be used as guideline. The key words and key phrases usage in header Tags is very powerful in SEO. As headlines makes a page easier to read and helps in rapidly finding required information, it saves time.

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