Negative SEO: The Perils That It Brings

The SEO industry is plagued by fierce competition. Time after time, the pressures, the challenges and the expectations are growing more unbearable. It takes real diligence for optimisers and marketers to get to the top and achieve the desired traffic. Unfortunately, not all and sundry is successful. Some SEOs miserably fail and lose the game.

Those who do not know how to accept defeat are the source of danger. These filthy minds, when crushed by their rivals, perform bad things to their competitors’ web sites just so they can get even and manipulate the outcomes. This mischievous practice is at the core the unethical means in the industry.

So what’s negative SEO? It’s the idea of performing illegal and highly mischievous things to manipulate site rankings so that a competitor website can fall from the heights of ranking success. Unscrupulous individuals take the time to use illegal links and issue duplicate content so that a certain website, usually the victim here, can be regarded by Google as unlawful. The sad part here is that there are numerous jealous entities that engage in negative SEO only so they can obliterate their opponents.

Negative SEO, according to Fishkin, can be done in numerous ways. Some try to inject viruses, malwares and spam links hacked websites and blogs. Some choose excessive spam reporting so that their opponents are immediately knocked out. Some exert effort just to point illegal links to victim websites so that Google may identify the supposed irregularities.

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