Real Estate: A Great Analogy for Search Engine Optimization

Most people have a really good grasp of the fundamentals of the Real Estate industry. Many Americans will own a house at some time in their lives. Even if one never owns a home, they are likely to have considered buying a real estate at one time or another. There are very few milestone purchases like home buying and real estate is often the most scrutinized.

As such, most people are aware of the key variables that determine value in the Real Estate market: 1. Foundation 2. Structure 3. LOCATION

Foundation: Most consumers are aware of the fact that homes are built from the ground up. If a home’s foundation is flawed, the entire structure could be at risk. The same is true in search engine optimization. A solid foundation is require for long term, sustainable success. In SEO, see: Austin SEO, keyword phrase analysis and research is the foundation of your company’s online marketing plan. All SEO effort should be centered on the company’s targeted phrases. With an analysis of consumer search behavior, the SEO program will have the fundamental structure to support long term online marketing efforts.

Structure: While the foundation lays the building blocks of a solid property, it achieves little on its own. How many people do you know that live on a concrete slab? The value of the foundation is that it provides the base upon which a quality structure can be built. And the quality of the structure is ultimately just as important as the foundation in determining property value. As the three little pigs found out, a house made of straw holds no real value.

As you might have imagined, in this analogy your company website is your online house. Google is the both the appraiser and inspector, and as such assesses a wide range of tests on your website to determine the value and quality of the construction. Just like in real estate, architecture is critical component in the calculation of property value, and the same goes for grade of materials used in construction. From an SEO perspective, construction materials include such components as:

1. Website coding: Best practices coding, including W3C validation, is essential to enable the search engines to properly index every line of code on your online property. While city inspectors can’t evaluate every detail, the search engines can see EVERY line of code on your site.

2. Digital Content: The golden rule for the Internet, that content is king, is more important than ever. With keyword research and strategy analogous to a home’s concrete foundation work, your content should be created in a way that delivers maximum SEO results via body content and other coding elements such as your page and meta titles, text headings, anchor text, etc. For example, if you have a page on your site related to Austin web design, the content and wording on the page should be related to this phrase.

Location, Location, Location: The most talked about element of property value the subject’s physical address. External factors will always influence the value of a property. Even luxury properties fail to realize optimal value if they are located in low value neighborhoods. Other factors such as proximity to prime retail, demographics and crime activity can contribute significantly to real estate valuation.

Links of association also play a critical role in the search engine’s ranking for a web asset. For a search engine optimization specialist, inbound links from high quality web sites will improve your company’s value in the ranking calculation. Every day, almost in real-time, the major search engines gather and assess the links to each website. This is the primary way search engine’s like Google will determine relevance of an Internet user’s search phrase to the content on your website. If your site is associated with the Internet’s version of bad neighborhoods like link farms, you can’t expect search engines to give you anything more that a temporarily higher ranking.

Want to prove to Google that you live in a good location? Make sure your link building efforts are focused on the acquisition of quality links.

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