Search Engine Optimisation: Has New Rules Been Created in 2012?

As we all, dealing with the online marketing industry, know by now that search engine optimisation has become one of the most important things in the web world. With the growing competition amongst the different websites dealing with the same products and services, it has become utmost important that they need to be optimised so that they can feature in the top search results of the various popular search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo etc.

So, the techniques that are widely used in this sector have become quite important so as to fulfil the already mentioned purpose. Over the time, however, it has reformed itself as well as has got combined a number of new things.

The techniques or the rules have even changed accordingly at different points of time. Similarly, as we stepped in 2012, the recent changes in this field did bring about certain changes that as a result, have given birth to few new rules.

Let us check out which are those rules or regulations, which have been planned to cope up with this year’s Google updates:

The primary rule is related to the installation of particular buttons in the website to be optimised. This would help the users share the contents of that website in the different social platforms that in turn, would make other users notice the site.

The second important rule is related to the promotion of a content of the concerned site on the various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter. This way, the content would become popular as well as would have an opportunity to create the most traditional marketing technique that is word-of-mouth. Apart from this, it would even have positive effects in terms of search engine optimisation.

However, before starting with these techniques, the concerned person needs to ensure that a lot of people are in his or her social media network through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc. This would surely result in high amount of content sharing. Concurrently, he or she has to check whether their social media connections include the target audience.

The next thing is to make sure whether one is putting all these effort for an amazing, fresh and unique content that is supposed to be shared in the different social platforms. The web users would talk about a shared content provided it is a quality content. One can even enjoy extra benefits by just conducting varied contests or distributing free giveaways. These are the things, which attract people mostly.

The third thing that this year of 2012 necessitates to concentrate on is building links to the websites. However, over keyword stuffing need not be done as far as stuffing the anchor texts is concerned. In fact, if one can make just 70 % of the links in concern of a given website as “click here”, “check this out”, “learn more” etc., it would be really effective. This attributes a natural look to the concerned links. Besides this, it is expected to help a lot, if a SEO expert directs 70 % links to the homepage and 30 % to the internal ones.

Another major rule of this year is not to make quantity more important. Instead of that, we need to make quality work in every field of search engine optimisation, irrespective of the fact whether it is content development or link building or any social media activities.

Summary: The changing trends of search engine optimisation, with the passing of time, have resulted in the formulation of different rules and regulations in the present year of 2012.

Michael Hodge works in a search engine optimisation organisation in the United Kingdom. In his free time, he loves to write about the latest trends of this field.

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