Search Engine Web Crawlers – How Do They Work?

How Do Web Crawlers In Search Engines Work?

When someone gets online and searches for something its the search engines that make that search possible. Therefore it’s best to know how these search engines work or at least have some idea.

There are two types of search engines. The first one is robots they are called crawlers, or spiders. You could have head that phase before its well know over the web.

After submitting your website to the Search Engines by filling out a form. Then it will be visited by the spider which will index your entire website.

A spider runs on autopilot if you like and that is done within the Search Engine system. What the spider does is visit the site and reads all the content, it also takes a look at the mega tags within the site and follows the links.

When the spider is finished with your website that information is sent back to a central depository. From here the data is index along with all your links.

e careful not to have too many pages on your website as they spiders will only index a certain amount of pages. So be careful not to create a site with 500 pages.

The spiders will return to your website to check for any new content that is on there. The frequency for the spider returning to your website is determined by the moderators of the Search Engines.

Spiders are like a library reference, when they go out and search for content on website they could look at a million pages a day. All this information is put into the library.

So when someone searches for something the Search Engine goes to the library to find information based on the keyword that was used to do the search.

Search Engines have algorithms which scans for frequency and the location of keywords in your website. It can also pick up keyword stuffing or spam in your website.

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