Secret PAY-PER-CLICK Rules to Boost SEO

PPC advertisers regularly report advertising in Pay-per-click helps their SEO. It is true. However it isn’t favoured treatment by Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

The primary reason is, PAY-PER-CLICK professionals listen to landing page quality guidelines. The landing pages will have the following qualities, which naturally helps SEO as well.

A well optimised landing page

– Uses keywords in the title, h1, h2, and ‘strong ‘ tags
– Has links pointing to the page have important keywords.
– It has links pointing to the page from other websites.
– Has obviously defined navigational structure
– Visitors can find what they want quickly and easily
– The prime goal of the page is maximising conversions
– Absence of distracting elements like graphical ads

Those are good points to keep in mind while planning your pages – both for PPC and S.E.O. In essence, design the page to draw in prospects and convert them to customers, customers or leads.

This will lead on to reduced bounce rates, higher retention rates, higher conversions, and bigger profits.

On page S.E.O optimisation has moderately been overlooked by one or two thousand websites, which were hit badly by Panda and Penguin updates. The sites that concentrated more on on-page optimization, better visitor experience and conversions sailed thru the algorithm changes.

One Word of Caution

Links from external internet sites still is a major factor determining your site’s ranking. However , going on a link-buying spree will eventually be noticed and punished by Google. The best bet is to permit those links multiply over a period of time by providing excellent content in your website. Other web-masters, blog owners, Facebook users, etc.. can link to such content. This is an element SEO professionals can’t overlook – ever.

Thus, the decision is out. If you're going to succeed in SEO, you are going to apply PAY-PER-CLICK landing page rules while designing your web pages. Additionally, put in the efforts to create exceptional content that folk like to discuss and share. There, you have the essence of SEO in a platter.

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