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Effective SEO starts with real keyword research. You can’t do anything until you know for sure what is being searched consistently on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. After you have discovered which keyword phrases will be best suited to bring you quality leads, only then can you map out a strategy for organic seo. You don’t want to rank high on page 1 for just any old terms. These terms have to convert traffic into sales, whether you have an e-commerce site or not. Not only are hyper-specific terms easier to rank for but they are usually quality leads as well. Due to the fact that the searchee knows exactly what they are looking for with a specific search.

The next important phase of quality SEO is deciding whether to use local qualifiers or not. Does your website have what it takes to rank globally? Is it a large site with many pages filled with quality content? Are you ready to implement a true link building strategy? Do you have a tons of time and a healthy budget to accomplish these goals? If not, considering “local qualifiers” might be a good idea. An example of this would be a Charleston, SC CPA firm deciding whether they could rank globally for “cpa”, statewide for “South Carolina CPA” or locally for “Charleston CPA”. Remember, 91% of all clicks go to page 1 so if we can’t make it there, why bother?

Now it’s time to write quality content for your website. How many keywords do you use and how often? Most search engines do not like for you to keyword cram so be careful not to repeat the terms too often. Somewhere around 5% keyword density is good. So, if you have a page with 300 words, you should not have more than 15 keyword phrases. Your content reading well to humans is just as important as ranking well. If you wouldn’t say it aloud, don’t write it that way.

Now begins the link building. The fun stuff. It cannot be overstated how important good quaility backlinks are to your site ranking well. In a lot of cases, the amount of links into a site is the reason it ranks better than another. Search engines see links to your website as a good sign that you’re site is trusted and used. So, how do you get them? You can write an article like this one and submit it to several article directories, sign up to the hundreds of directories available in most categories, pay for them with high pr sites, start a well written blog, utilize all social media, and take advantage of easy free link opportunities with sites like Yahoo answers, craigslist, squidoo, and wikipedia.

Let’s see if you are ready to ask the right questions of the firm’s you interview. Now that you have written quality keyword rich content based on research that told you what was being typed into search engines like Google, you decided to dominate local search instead of global, and you have been builing quality links into your site daily, you are ready to hit page 1! Once you do hit page one, your traffic will increase significantly, more leads will come in, and you will make more money! Remember to pay close attention to your analytics and traffic patterns and make adjustments to keywords as needed. Have fun on page one!

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