Spam Can Get Your Website Banned

How many times have you seen an article referring to SEO (search engine optimization) as a “Black Art” or “underhanded”, “manipulative”, “sleazy”, “deceptive” etc?. I could go on and on but you get my drift. The thing is – our industry has a pitiful reputation which is being reinforced on a daily basis by the media and word of mouth.

SEO is a relatively new marketing industry Although there are many purported experts, most of us who call ourselves SEO specialists are learning. The search engines are constantly in flux, so SEO techniques that worked yesterday may not necessarily work tomorrow. As a result, it is exceedingly important to keep up with the fervent pace of the Internet, and the search engines in particular.

In order to increase your traffic you need to change the content on your site to reflect current trends. By this I don’t mean simply changing a few words, layout etc etc, I mean really changing it to keep ahead of your competition by providing services that people really want.

This by no means has to affect the theme of your site, you simply need to enhance it to provide additional much sort after services or products. If you’re happy with the amount of visitors your site is currently receiving, and I doubt you are, then leave it as it is, but if you want more visitors, and you want your visitors to keep coming back, then read on!

One of the frustrations of search engine placement is that your rankings are constantly fluctuating. The key to a successful search engine optimization campaign is creativity, perseverance and practice, practice, practice. Do not try to fool the search engines by “tricking” them with unsavory techniques (e.g., keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text) because you will risk having your web site lose favor with the search engines, or worse, getting banned altogether.

Search engines need copy to know what your web site’s theme is and how your site should be indexed in their directory. If your home page consists solely of a Flash movie or an image map, there will be nothing for the search engines to index. Flash is cool, but it is not so cool when your web site doesn’t come up in search engine results.

It should be noted that we are talking presence AND future here: many of the classical techniques of search engine optimization are still working more or less successfully, but there is little doubt that they are rapidly losing their cutting edge and will probably be as obsolete in a few months’ time as spam dexing or invisible text – both optimization techniques well worth their while through out the 90′s have become today.

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