The Best Way To Craft Killer Landing Pages And Get More SEO Bang For Your Buck

Getting a website to the 1st page of Google is the goal of any web site or blog Search Engine Optimization campaign. A lot of energy, time and money is usually dedicated to achieving those coveted top search rankings. But what is the next step after you finally reach first page?

Having 1st page rankings does not always result in a boost in sales. More frequently than not the written words (copy) on the website should be stellar in order to turn visitors into customers-which I’m presuming will be the ultimate goal of your own website or blog SEO campaign.

So the question then is, how can we turn all these new visitors into new customers?

The answer to this question can be obtained on a website’s landing page. A landing page is a page or post on your website that visitors first “land” on. If the copy on this page is composed in an effective way, then there’s a very good chance of converting that visitor into a customer. Problem is that many landing pages we come across aren’t written very well, triggering website visitors to “bounce” off the site.

The good thing is that making high conversion landing pages is not too difficult. To obtain the most from your website and blog SEO investment, be sure to have a look at your site’s landing pages and consider applying the following landing page guidelines.

Blog SEO | Crafting a Flawless Landing Page

Know Your Goal – What’s your #1 aim for visitors to your website? Would you like them to sign up for an subscriber list, get in touch with you regarding your services, or buy a product? The highest converting landing pages speak to 1 well defined goal. If you would like your visitor to buy a product, then do not confuse these people by also requesting them to become a member of your email list.

Ask the Visitor to Take One Specific Action – Even though your business may offer various products and services, don’t offer all of them to your visitors all at once. Craft your landing page around 1 clear goal, then ask your website visitors to take 1 specific action. If you’ve got a very good offer or sale taking place, then ask your visitor to take advantage of that one particular offer or sale. By asking considerably less from a visitor, you often get more.

Highlight the #1 Advantage of Taking Action – When a person does join your subscriber list, inquires about a service, or buys a product they could end up enjoying many great and wonderful things. However if you showcase all these many advantages of taking action on your own landing page, you will only dilute the no. 1 benefit of inquring, joining or purchasing. What is the best benefit, the #1 reason for a visitor to take action? Craft and highlight your landing page around this #1 benefit, and then mention all of those other benefits and reasons of taking action.

The KISS (keep it simple stupid!) theory definitely refers to landing pages. The best landing pages out there focus on one goal, one action and 1 amazing reward. Crafting high conversion landing pages is the #1 way to turn visitors into customers and get the most bang for your blog or website search engine optimization buck.

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