Help! I have a Website That Absolutely No One Visits!

Have you ever sat in front of you computer, impetuously clicking on your analytics or Aweber account thinking that you are missing out on heaps of profitable traffic? By now, you’ve probably had enough about up to your head with B.S. the gurus fed you and left you completely hopeless without any foreseeable result… You may feel tired and your friends and family may be urging you to quit living in front of your computer and instead go get a ‘real job’.

It is your destiny, your right to seek after the fortune that is out there to be had for your business venture on the internet. You are an entrepreneur and you cannot accept mediocrity and continued on despite of pressures of life that told you should quite down and act like other sheep. You refused. That’s why you decided to go out to the cyberspace and claim your riches there.

It is disgusting and unbelievable how much B.S. is out there in the internet marketing world, and it is rather easy to be taken in. It is as if millions of sheep led to slaughter everyday by voracious internet marketing wolves. They are the exact kind of people who sleep at night sound and well after making retiree uncle bob lose his shirt buying worthless info product.

Because I was fed up with all the lies, out there I decided to stop buying these worthless info products for good. I reasoned with myself and told myself, “What good can come of just buying junk info to achieve stellar results?” After being online for 4 months and having only 395 visits to triumph over for, I decided to look for legit ways to drive real traffic to my blog without having to learn complicated SEO or having to spend a single penny on worthless ‘guru’ advice.

By rough estimates, I figured that if I can average 200 visitors per day, that would roughly net me near 6,000 visitors a month. This is how I broke 200 visitors a day and it is rather easy to do. Using Unique Article Wizard plug-in, I got free niche targeted & unique articles delivered to my blog and published them daily. Over time, I was able to build a sizable blog of 500 niche posts using the plug-in. Using TweetAdder, I added my shortened blog URLS as tweets and let it tweet my blog URLs to my targeted followers. Letting TweetAdder run brought in about 120-150 visitors everyday. To fill in the gap, I used Unique Article Wizard and Article Marketing Robot to syndicate my articles to 600+ additional article directories which netted me 50-70 more visitors.

The method I just told you about does not require any SEO knowledge and it can be implemented to see immediate traffic increase to your blog. You can get 45 minutes of Twitter Marketing training and 30+ minutes of article training for free for just visiting my blog. This is very easy traffic strategy that anyone can replicate. No tricks here, just the good stuff! (Put your credit card away, its completely free!)

Sam, the “Guru-Slayer” wants to help you get your first 200 visitors a day to your website or blog! Get your question of, “How do I get more people to view my website?” answered by visiting Sam’s internet marketing tips & tutorials blog.

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