Why Am I Not Ranking? 3 Things To Investigate About Why You Have Poor Ranking

Have you been wanting to play the SEO game? In fact, does it seem like a game to you, or more of a jigsaw puzzle that you can’t seem to work out? Many people end up feeling frustrated that their hard work is not taking them somewhere when doing SEO. This may be for the reason that they mistakenly think that writing SEO blogs — article that is optimized with the correct keyword and the correct keyword density — is enough to make Google rank their web site or blog on the front page.

There are so many things to think about in carrying out SEO and as Google changes algorithms, those who carry out SEO must also adapt to the program. If your website is struggling even though you think you are doing SEO correctly, then A Diagnostics Report From Google Webmaster Tools these 3 things which are at times too close to you to be observable errors stifling your SEO triumph.

Keyword Focused And Adequate Web Copy

Check the article on your site. Each page on your site that you would like to rank, in particular the homepage, should have a minimum of 500 words. Keep in mind that Google wants article and will crawl your site based on the keywords that are woven into the article. It isn’t advisable to have more pictures than words although photos absolutely add to the over-all look and feel of the web site.

Check For The Domain Name Registration Date

Domain name registration isn’t an SEO method but it does affect a website’s ranking. Google favours web sites which are registered a long time. 5 years or more is suggested instead of only 1 year. Before Google’s eyes, this means the site is there to stay and is not a fly-by-night organisation.

Obtain A Diagnostics Report From Google Webmaster Tools

As there are numerous items involved when carrying out onsite optimisation, it’s not impossible to miss out items even for the expert SEO specialist, especially things which the site owner unknowingly does.

Diagnostics by Google Webmaster Tools is like a pitstop in a car race. It checks your website or blog for any lost screw, or for tires that need changing. Diagnostics will reveal crawl mistakes or worse, duplicate content on your site which you unsuspectingly left unchecked during the onsite optimization. Without correcting these, the fuel will just leak. That is, the article written for SEO will be a throw away and there will be zero significant SEO results to be expected despite the effort in writing.

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