Why Black Hat SEO Should Be Avoided

Shortcuts are usually a good thing. They reduce the time and effort required to do tasks at hand. In SEO, however, shortcuts are risky. From Google’s perspective, using these shortcuts is detrimental to a site’s ranking in the long run. These shortcuts are collectively known as black hat SEO tactics.

So what makes Google detest black hat SEO that much? It’s because these very SEO tactics challenge and undermine what the Silicon Valley Monolith has been trying to advocate for several years now: a virtual market space that is free of unethical tactics.

Black hat SEO refers to the list of unethical SEO schemes used by unscrupulous entities to deceive search engines and acquire high ranking spots in Google. Commonly known as SEO short cuts, these violative strategies can actualise results in just a short span of time. It’s this idea of ranking high right away that inspires impatient online marketers to settle for black hat SEO methods. What they don’t know however is that black hat SEO brings about only temporary results. A web site guilty of black hat SEO may even fall off the rankings without any warning.

On a more serious note, a web site that is known to immerse in black hat SEO is often slapped by Google with a huge penalty. Such online identity, if perceived guilty, may be extinguished from Google’s list of indexed websites. This downhill slide begins from there. When a web site is out of Google’s radar for a while, its earnings may also suffer.

Without a shadow of doubt, entrepreneurs and optimisers must be more attentive to Google’s campaign against black hat SEO. Surely, black hat SEO isn’t only dangerous, it is also ineffective. Google’s continued support for white hat SEO, or appropriate techniques, only affirms that black hat SEO can’t improve a website’s performance, even for a short period of time. Want a website that is loved by Google? Collaborate with an SEO and web design Singapore firm! The best SEO company in Singapore can build a website that ranks well on Google SERPS.

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