Why SEO Must Be Integrated Into The Web Development Process

Traditional minds find it hard to appreciate the art of web development. To most beginners and onlookers, web development is only for the extremely gifted. That is a false statement. Web development is perfectly easy, if and only if, the Internet professional is willing to cater to the demands of the online industry.

When developing a website, knowledge of various online platforms is imperative. Web developers have to be acquainted with the pros and cons of these platforms, so they can certify which platform best suits the client’s desired website. If the web site is media-rich, developers can propose the use of Flash. If the website is for corporate branding or retailing, developers can suggest the implementation of a CMS platform like WordPress.

But is the idea of web platforms enough? Not really. Web developers have to go beyond their understanding of platforms to identify other equally important aspects of the web build process. Search engine optimisation, is without doubt, a fundamental piece of the puzzle. Without adequate knowledge of SEO processes, developers create a website that’s easily bullied and buried underneath a pile of websites! If the web site is being developed to promote a brand, how will marketing push through when it’s clearly out of the market’s radar?

The rule is simple: web developers should therefore craft websites that are SEO-friendly. The structures they craft must adhere to the requirements of most search engines and users.

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