Your Site, Think Again

After months of carrying out SEO, do you question why your effort isn’t paying off? Quite a lot of things could be counted in, but one which isn’t easily seen through the inexperienced eyes is hidden duplicate content.

Contrary to what it indicates, duplicate content is just not always obvious. Content should be checked for uniqueness not only on the web copy but on the meta titles and meta descriptions. These are content on the backend of the website which will not at all times be visible to the non-techy web visitors, but which Googlebot will see.

To be certain that your website has no duplicate content problems both on the front end as well as the backend, an optimisation specialist can help.

The web site should have Google Webmaster Tools set up, as this tool is very helpful in spotting and reporting html errors, including duplicate html titles and meta descriptions.

A tuition site which has hundreds of tutors, for instance, features its individual tutor profile on the website. The tutor profile is essential because parents and students base their choice on which tutor to choose from what they read on the tutor profile. The general tendency for tuition sites is to create links for each tutor profile, with the title of the link being Tutor Profil 001 to 100. Although each profile is written uniquely, duplicate content is made by repeating the keyword Tutor on each profile.

Without being aware of it, tuition websites may produce duplicate content once they write their Tutor profiles. Supposing there are 234 tutors with each having a profile that is an html link using the title Tutor Profile 001, then Google will perceive 234 duplicate keywords on the website’s 234 tutor links.

Websites with so many products must also pay attention to the same. For example, a company who sells a variety of high end pens might generate html links using the word Pen. The word pen being employed for the pen 1 to pen 100 is in fact a duplicate content concern as per Google.

Similarly, the website can turn this dilemma around and make it a plus by varying the html titles into keyword derivatives of the root keyword Pen.

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