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 Domination SEO


People mainly search online for information which subsequently leads them to making a purchase.

Discovering what words and phrases people search with right before they make a purchase is just as vital in search marketing as having your listing appear in the top three results.

While you may be the best or cheapest service or product provider in your area or even in the world, you will not be found at the top of the search engine results for “buying” keywords and phrases without effective Search Engine Optimization Marketing.

If your business does not have an internet presence, or worse has a site that is not SEO driven, you are losing out on a vast part of the market. Consumers turn to internet searches to seek products and services which they like or require. Additionally, they are more apt to purchase online rather than navigate the shopping centers.

It’s no surprise that, along with the raw marketing and profit power of the internet, fierce and at times ruthless competition for the top positions would form.

Many an SEO company will tout they employ organic search strategies that result in top placement. This is simply untrue as organic SEO really means they are employing the same strategies as everyone else: maybe they work, often they do not.


When clients choose us, they are choosing a competitive edge and an unfair advantage over their competitors.

 Domination SEO

The SEO game is all about leverage. It will never be won by using outdated techniques that everyone else knows about.

Subsequently, we do not recommend the traditionally known SEO methods most companies use, simply because they are a waste of time & money.

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